I Try Drawing Again

Today, I learned to play a new song on the piano, not a happy song but I really wanted to play it. Then, I try to draw. Drawing. I used to love drawing. It used to make me very happy. Now? I feel a slight fear and hesitation. I remembered many years ago I stopped drawing altogether. Why? Maybe back then I think that my drawing is not good enough, or maybe because I feel people can do a better job than me, or maybe both. I’ve been thinking that it was not a reason to stop. So here I am, taking a pencil with my trembling hand, trying to draw again. Of course, it came out still not good, as I am out of practice for years, but I am going to keep drawing, and I hope that someday it will bring me joy again.

What I do today:

  • learn a new song on the piano
  • make a new composition
  • drawing my foot

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