For the Sake of Writing Something

I have not been blogging for 6 days, which is not good.

Better start now I guess.

Sometimes I wonder if it is only me.

Have you ever set your mind to do something,

but then you don’t do it?

I’ve been busy but blogging should have been easy.

Even 5 minutes will do.

But then my brain is full of excuses.

I am doing other things, I don’t have time, yadda yadda

But even so, I know,

if I don’t start now,

then I probably never will.

That’s why I write right now haha.

Maybe I should publish once every 2 days.

Other things I have been doing:

  • learn piano Invention No. 1 – J.S.Bach and Invention No.8 – J.S.Bach

No 8 is harder than no 1 but the song duration is shorter. Both song once started will continue nonstop until the end, no pause.

  • solve 5 programming problems

Last time I did this is July 2016… because I am stuck on one problem and won’t let it go. But now I must, in order to move on.

  • Participate in an online logo creating contest

I did this to motivate myself.

  • 3D Modelling

I am almost done with my secret project…

  • Drawing

Not that much progress this week. Only draw an apple, because I run out of green pepper.

  • Chinese

Not that much progress either. But at least I learn 1/7 days.

  • Reading

Finish reading a value investing book. I still don’t know where to start though.

And that’s all I can remember this week.

Maybe I should call it weekly report instead.




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